How-To master the Native Roll

1. Hydrate

Your leaves come to you 100% dry because we don’t use any nasty preservatives like other companies. That’s why you have to hydrate your leaf when you’re about to roll up. Start by heavily soaking a towel with warm water. Fold the towel in half and carefully place leaf in between the damp towel fold. Let your leaf hydrate for 1-12 minutes. When leaf is fully flexible, remove from towel. With another dry towel, gently pat your leaf to remove any excess moisture before rolling.

2. Filter

Place your complimentary filter and make a U-shape with your Native Leaf Wrap.

3. Flower

Evenly spread your flower across the Native Leaf – skip the area with the filter.

4. Pre-Compress

Pre-compress your flower by lightly pressing down all the way through the wrap.

5. Full Compress

Compress some more by taking both ends of the leaves – lightly rub the ends together to make it easier when you roll.

6. Pre-Tuck

Use your thumbs and gently apply pressure until you tuck part of the leaf into the filter.

7. Full Tuck

Keep it tight and continue to tuck all the way through.

8. Seal

Apply the complimentary glue or lick the ends until they stick together.

9. Roast

Use your complimentary hemp wick to lightly roast. This removes any excess moisture and makes sure it burns properly. Your finished masterpiece should feel fully solid to the touch.

10. Light

Use your complimentary hemp wick instead of a standard lighter because butane can change the taste of your flower. And you deserve better.