Our leaves are 100% hemp and taken straight from the plant. No, seriously – we stay true to our Native core. Check out our process here https://nativeleafco.com/our-process/.

Because you care about what you smoke. We combined two things you’ve been searching for in a wrap: natural and native to the plant you’re smoking. Why would you roll your herb in anything other than herb?

You’ve been diluting your flower up until this point – we’ve confirmed with blind taste tests. Switch to Native and unlock your flower’s full potential. We want to give you the best tasting experience so we remove Chlorophyll, the naturally green “grassy” tasting pigment in leaves. You’ll never go back.

Promise. The starches from our hemp leaves are broken down and converted into sugars through our natural curing process. By natural, we mean we take Earth’s elements (like air & water) to reduce the pH of smoke for your smoothest smoking experience.

F*ck no. it’s hemp broken down and processed into paper. Our leaf remains a leaf. That means no chemicals. No bleach. No dyes. No BS. Just herb wrapped in herb.

Leaves contain a naturally green pigment called chlorophyll, which tastes “grassy”. Using the Earth’s elements (like air & water), we remove the pigment so you really taste your herb.

LUCY is stacked with two leaves to make it easier to roll and ABEL has a few leaves glued together to fit more flower. We use organic plant glue to hold LUCY and ABEL together.

Hemp leaves are thinner by nature and more delicate when rolling. But once you master the roll, you’ll question why you were ever smoking anything else. Check out our how-to guide here.

The natural way to preserve a leaf is by dehydrating it. Rehydrate your leaf with water – but avoid drowning.

We wanted our product names to be as Native as the product itself!

Why LUCY? – Our double hemp leaves stay true to their core. But they’re stacked so it’s easier to roll. 3.3 million years old, “LUCY” is the most well-known human ancestor ever found. Able to walk upright – she was native, but evolved. Same with our doubles.

Why ABEL? – Our wide hemp leaves stay true to their core. But they’re expanded – so they fit more herb. Our ancestor, ABEL, is thought to have used stone tools 3.6 million years ago. He was resourceful. Same with our wide leaves.

Light up for a native smoking experience – unmatched by all else.

We release small, hand-crafted batches weekly. Reserve your spot here.